Frequently Asked Questions

On-Demand Curriculum

What can I expect from this?

The curriculum has been built to meet and exceed the standards in the US, but it is not US-centric. We have tailored courses to broaden student's awareness beyond any man-made border, and be knowledgeable of how things are done in other places. Lessons are in the form of short recorded videos, available 24-7 to fit into the schedule of busy families. You can pause, skip, rewind, or rewatch again as needed to make it stick. These concise videos are designed for optimal retention, even for those with short attention spans.

You can browse the course outlines here.

Can my child get ahead?

Yes, the on-demand structure allows for students to go at their own pace, even complete 2 years in 1! Students are not locked into a single grade level, so progress levels can be different per subject.

What if my child is behind?

We believe that as long as progress is being made, no child is really “behind”. Rarely does a one size (or grade) fit all students at a given age. Of course, if you feel like you need more support, or your child needs additional help, we have tutors available to help get you though any difficult patches.

Who are the teachers?

All of the teachers featured in our video lessons are not only certified with years of experience, but they receive weekly training to improve their teaching abilities!

Live Daily Enrichment Sessions

What is the purpose of these sessions?

We believe that in addition to core curriculum, a well-rounded education needs social interaction and hands-on experiences. With all the demands on parents today, these sessions also provide a window of free time each day while young ones are engaged in a safe learning environment. Parents can have the peace of mind that their children are in good association and won’t be exposed to unwholesome ideas.

What will be taught?

These daily sessions are not a live version of core curriculum subjects. Each is a standalone event. While math, science, language, and social studies concepts may feature, the purpose is to have a lively hands-on experience, with interaction between fellow students and teacher.

How long will they be?

Each session is 30 minutes.

When will they be offered?

We offer over 30 classes a day in the morning and afternoon for North America. Our goal is to be as international as possible, so more time slots for more time zones will be added based on demand and student load.

How many can my child take?

Each student will be able to join one live session per day with the base package. Additional LIVE classes can be purchased as an add-on.

How many students will be in each class?

Class sizes will vary, but our K-1 class will be a smaller group and our 2nd-8th group will be more like traditional class sizes.

Elective Courses

Who can take electives?

Elective courses can be for anyone in the family! Each course will have a suggested age range or proficiency level.

How much is an elective course?

The instructor will set the price to the elective courses they teach. This will be based on course length, frequency and size of class.

How long will courses be? When will they be held?

The instructors of each course will be deciding the overall course length, individual session length, class size, and time offered. Special requests can be submitted.

Program Overview

Is there an age requirement?

We feel it’s the parent's right to choose when to start exposing your children to a structured school program. Because most states or countries only require school attendance from first grade onward, we allow all ages to join our kindergarten program. Whether they are 3, 4, or 5 years old, many are not yet proficient readers, so parents will usually be on hand for most of the lessons regardless.
In regard to the curriculum, we have merged pre-K into our kindergarten content. So if your child hasn’t mastered numbers and shapes and colors, that’s fine, all that will be discussed early on in the program, building on the basics, and finishing the year with kindergarten level curriculum.

What are the computer requirements?

Our courses are accessible by a web browser across both computer and mobile devices. We recommend using one of these up-to-date browsers:

  • Chrome 102
  • Safari 15.5
  • Edge 102
  • Firefox 101
  • Opera 86

If you are unsure what you have, this link can help:

Our live classes are conducted via the Zoom app.

Can we use this program just as a supplement to our child's current schooling?

Absolutely! The program is flexible, so you can can pick and choose what parts of the curriculum you want to follow, or if you prefer, just enjoy what the live daily sessions will offer.
Or, perhaps you would just like to add an elective course on to what you are already using. All these options are possible.

Will this program satisfy my country/state/district/ requirements for home schooling?

Our aim is to make this an international program. Every governed area has its own education requirements, and these will vary from place to place. In general, it is recognized that parents have the right to decide how their children will receive education. In some areas, proof of schooling is asked for at certain intervals. Our program will provide you with student activity, transcripts of courses and lessons completed, test scores, etc, that you can provide if necessary. In some areas, standardized testing is required at certain grade levels. If students stay on track, they will be equipped to pass such tests.

Are you a private school?

No, we are not a private or charter school. We are providing quality curriculum and learning resources to support parents wanting to home school their children. We also provide the tools to make it less overwhelming for parents.

Is your curriculum accredited?

No, actually curriculum itself can't be accredited. Here is a great article on the subject.

Will my child receive a diploma?

Yes. Depending on the requirements of your local jurisdiction, we can issue a diploma, or we can provide you with a professional diploma template that you as the parent can sign, once your child has completed his/her studies.

Homeschooling parents can issue their children's diploma, since their individual homeschool functions as an independent educational institution. The diploma just serves as proof that your student has completed the required courses.

Most colleges, universities, and employers accept homeschool diplomas as proof of high school graduation. They may also want to see a transcript, which covers in more detail what the student has done. We can issue these transcripts for you.

How do I disenroll from our current school?

An excellent resource is
It provides detailed explanations of what is needed to comply with any requirements in your specific location.

If I live in NY, how do I create an Individualized Home Instruction Plan (IHIP)?

You can find good advice here. It is based on a New York State example, but the principles can apply to other states that have similar requirements. For California, we have someone who can help walk you through the process.

More questions?

Please reach out to us: