Intensive, interactive, and engaging

Most TESOL classes fall into the trap of using the same, decades old, highly ineffective, traditional teaching methods. Too long, too expensive, and too much lecturing and theory leave students bored, tired, and gives them very little to show for it when it’s all over.

Our 5-day intensive, advanced teacher training course is designed to completely revolutionize your view on how to teach. We specialize in practical methodology, not theory. Our primary instructor, Dr. Harry Cotton, has infused into the lessons much of his own experience teaching for over 30 years in over 100 countries. The sessions are enthusiastic, dynamic, energetic, and filled with humor. Whether you are an experienced teacher or have little or no formal teaching qualifications, this course is for you.

40 brain-based teaching methods

Based on the latest red-hot research on how the brain really learns. With these practical language acquisition strategies you will understand how to keep your students interested and awake, and accelerate their language learning.

Hands-on practice sessions

Start using these methods immediately and get valuable feedback to hone your new skills.

Boosted confidence to get out there and teach

You will know how to go get the job you’re looking for and know exactly what to do when you’re in front of your students.

Practical tips for the real world

How to start working immediately.

How to start your own school or run a home-stay program.

How to choose the best countries for you to teach abroad.

How to obtain your B.Ed. or M.Ed. in TESOL while you work in North America or overseas.

How to make your job easier and less stressful.