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Tutor wanted!

A teacher passed along this opportunity to us... Chinese parents are looking for a replacement tutor for their 7 year old son. Their ad as follows:

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Spanish Interpreters Wanted

Languageline Logo

We've heard that LanguageLine Solutions is seeking Spanish Interpreters in the United States. This is an interpreting service over the phone. If you are interested in more details, please text 818-405-3332. If you know of any other job opportunites for those who are fluent in Spanish, teaching or interpreting, please let us know...

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Pimsleur Lessons on Ebay

A student just recommended to us a good deal on Pimsleur lessons they found on Ebay. They are only 10.99, buy one get one free, and there are four ESL courses left. Here is the link...

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Job offer in Shanghai

After hiring a CIE-trained teacher, the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE) contacted us asking for more similarly trained teachers. They also mentioned that they hire each year so it wouldn't hurt to reach out to them at anytime if this is an area you are interested in living. To learn more, please look at their full job posting here.

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Apostille Stamps

So, you’ve freshly graduated, you’re full of youthful enthusiasm and you’ve got your teaching destination planned. Then someone drops the question, “Do you have your Apostille sorted out?”  and your balloon is burst! Take heart though... although it may seem daunting you can quickly learn what an apostille is, why you might need one, and how you can go about getting one...

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Music to Our Ears

We love hearing back from past students!  We recently received a nice email from one of our friends to let us know the interesting ways he’s putting the methods he's learned into practice.

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