OTESL Looking to Hire 10+ Teachers

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OTESL's pdf flyer: OTESL

Work Visa Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree or above (Diploma required for visa)
  • Under 53 years of age (Below the legal retirement age in China)
  • Native speaker or fluent in English
  • Good health (Health examination required for visa)
  • No criminal record (Criminal Records Check required for visa)

and, ONE of the following:

  • 2 years full-time teaching experience
  • TESOL certficate / 120+ hours TEFL
  • English or Education major for bachelor's degree or above


China (For further questions:

Monthly Salary:

21,000RMB ($3,000USD) Yes, that's only $36K/year, but look at the Cost-of-Living comparison, and benefits package below.

Work Schedule:

Average: 20-25 classes/week. (Maximum: 30 classes/week)

Class length: 45 minutes, 15min break between classes

Days/Hours: Weekends and Week Evenings

Time Off: 2 days/week during Mon-Fri.

Office Hours:

Weekdays 2:30-8:30 for employee meetings, classroom prep, etc.

On weekdays, normally no classes before 4pm.

Example schedule

Class Size & Age:

Most common group size of 8-12 students, aged 3-14yrs old. Some 1-to-1 classes are possible, but less popular.

Kindergarteners and under: Often attend 2x/week

1st Grade and up: Usually just 1x/week

Cost of Living:

Typical monthly spending required for a very comfortable lifestyle in China is about 45% the cost of USA, and in many other aspects much less than that.

Comparison Tools:


To put it into perspective, we are offering more than the JET Program (JET pays $30k a year, minus rent to teach in Japan), and we pay 30~60% more than what you would get for teaching jobs in South Korea and the rest of Asia. Not to mention, the money you’re saving every month with China’s lower cost of living.

Additional Benefits:

  • First one-way ticket to China paid for.
  • Yearly bonus
  • Holidays:
    • Paid: Total of 12 days throughout the year for various holidays
    • Unpaid holidays: Spring Festival 7-14 days off (3 days are paid)
  • Help settling-in.
  • READ CONTRACT for additional benefits

For questions, contact Damian: (and mention you are a CIE graduate)