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This online school has been recommended to us by a graduate. See the details below:

Hello Fellow CIE Grads!

I am very excited about a company I recently started teaching for. The company is Qkids and they are accepting teachers who reside in the USA, Canada or China, at least to start with ;D (You do not have to be American or Canadian, they just say their servers have limitations. They do expect exceptional English.) There are no contracts, which I feel is a good thing! The students are Chinese children, 1-6 students per class. Pay: $16-20/hour of teaching. ($16 = base rate, you can meet other criteria and receive bonuses based off of each week’s work to reach up to $20/hr.) They do have 10 minutes between classes that you still have to be available for and are not paid, but all schools expect some extra of your time in some way...and since, in my opinion, the lessons are very easy with Qkids (once you get used to the games which you learn in the beginning and they recycle within the different lessons; the lessons are repeated as well), it evens out and then some! :D

Available times: Mon-Sun mornings, 5:40 AM to 8:10 AM EST and Fri-Sat evenings from 7:40 PM to 10:50 PM EST. (During Daylight Savings: Mon-Sun 6:40-9:10 AM EST and Fri-Sat 8:40-11:10 PM EST.) Mornings each equal 2 hours of teaching. Each of the evenings equal 2.5 hours of teaching. They may add more hours during holidays and summer vacation. I just started recently and had a full schedule from the first week and still do! (So, no waiting on building up a reputation! :D )

They will consider you if you don’t have a degree, particularly if you have experience teaching ESL already or even if you have extensive experience working with children (including your own.)

Please see document in this link for more details on the Qkids job and how to apply:

Comparison between Qkids & GVE: GVE has more hours, but many find more than 2 to 2.5 hours teaching young children at a time very tiring. (I know this from experience.) Therefore, Qkids is great for most of us in this way. I do usually recommend working for at least two companies as that way you have a backup. Qkids has a minimum of 6 hours (12 time slots) per week. GVE’s minimum is 2 days @ 2 hours per each of those days. Neither of these companies minds if you work for other companies. Qkids allows you to add temporary hours, GVE has a set schedule. GVE has good management, but I feel Qkids has the best! (Qkids has a trainer who is available when you need them AND a lightning quick hiring process!!) I like working for both. For a more detailed comparison of the two companies, please see the following link:

If you contact me once you are accepted for an interview, I offer coaching for your interview, demo and trial classes as well as continued support via my forum. Please also feel free to contact me at any time if you have questions at this email address:

Warm Regards to you all!

Gina Rhinehart